A few days after the tragedy that struck Newtown, Connecticut, which stole Daniel and 25 other children and adults from their families and this world, one of Daniel’s family members found herself repeating this mantra to herself: “What Would Daniel Do?” WWDD, for short. In an effort to find some sort of comfort from this terrible loss, she felt compelled to give back and spread the light and kindness Daniel had so wanted to share with the world. While sitting in class one day, she saw a boy sitting alone, just as he was every day. But on this day, with WWDD on her mind, she decided to act differently. She walked over to him and they enjoyed a wonderful conversation. Later on that day, she felt a tap on her shoulder. The boy had rushed up to find her in the crowd. He asked her, “What was your name again?” She told him, and he smiled and replied, “You’re so nice.”

These acts, albeit small, can be life-changing! They can be performed by each of us, every day, week after week, month after month, year after year… Through these acts, we honor Daniel, his family, and all of the other children lost to us on 12-14-12. Change a life by this “way of life” – ask yourself, “WWDD?” Simply say this to yourself as a daily reminder, or share these moments here to inspire others. Allow others to learn of Daniel’s amazing and warm spirit by sharing your stories on our family supported Facebook page. Thank you for visiting.


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The response that we have received from the WWDD Facebook Page and followers has been tremendous. Thank you to all that have liked, shared or contributed to the page. We do read every comment and it comforts us to see how Daniel's life and joy for life have touched so many. Like WWDD on Facebook»

The Daniel Barden Highland Mudfest

The third annual Daniel Barden Highland Mudfest will take place on on April 25th 2015 at MKJ Farms in Deansboro, NY. The event features: a 5K mud run, a 1/2 mile kids adventure run, and an elite 5 mile mud run. Read More»

Help Spread the WWDD Message by Wearing & Sharing a WWDD Bracelet

In an effort to spread the message of WWDD and honor our sweet Daniel, we have been giving out these WWDD bracelets to friends, family, strangers and recipients of random acts of kindness. We have received many request for the WWDD bracelets and have decided to sell them through this website. We will only charge our cost for bracelets and shipping. Our goal is to spread the WWDD message. Order Online»
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