Daniel’s Funeral Procession

Thank you all of our heroes in uniform that came to honor Daniel! We are truly grateful. God bless each of you.

Arriving and leaving from Daniel’s funeral was an overwhelming experience. There is not one single photo that can capture the true essence of this. Hundreds of firemen stood for hours in the cold, stretching on and on for what seemed like miles.  Leaving their families and lives behind, they traveled from near and far to pay their respects to our little Daniel. Dressed in full uniform, they stood completely still, saluting while the procession slowly filed past them. Each man and woman shared the same brave look in their eyes. But we also felt their sadness, and we saw the tears they could not hide.  There is no way to thank each of them personally. We can only hope each and every one knows of our admiration for them, as well as our deep appreciation for honoring Daniel in such a compelling manner.


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