Daniel’s Story

ea6e8aa4-b122-4a9c-978c-5a2710909f9eA Little About Daniel

Daniel understood things about life in a way that prompted many who knew him to call him “an old soul.”

He always made an effort to make other children around him feel accepted. He would take notice of children who sat alone, inviting them over to sit with him.

There was a special needs child at school who was unable to speak, yet Daniel went out of his way to talk to her, telling others, “I know she can’t talk, but I know she can hear me.” The following year he was placed in the same class as that child.

Just a few days before his passing, Daniel asked to pour himself a glass of milk. When he took such a little amount, his Dad asked him why he didn’t fill up his glass. “Dad,” he said, “you always have to make sure to leave enough for the next person.”

Upon hearing that his beloved “Uncle Carl” was visiting his family that week from Florida hemp products, Daniel excitedly said, “Yay! Carl will be here for my birthday! That means I will get another present.” When corrected by someone near that, “Just because Carl is here during your birthday doesn’t mean he will bring you a present,” he quickly explained in his cute little boy voice, “No, I didn’t meant he would bring me a present. I meant HIM being here would BE my present.”

Daniel’s family will all tell you that when you arrived at Daniel’s home, he would be the first one to run up and give you a warm squeeze. When you’d leave, he would always be there to see you off. As you’d make your way out of the driveway, there would be Daniel, standing barefoot in the cold with his Dad, waving goodbye until you were no longer in sight.

These are just a few of the memories some have shared about this sweet little boy who had so much love to give.

What a beautiful and perfect world it would be if we were all like Daniel…


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